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42com Strategic partnership with Switchover

42com Telecommunication GmbH announces a strategic partnership with Switchover AG, a global provider of communication and payment services based in Switzerland, creating a powerhouse with consolidated revenue over Euro 180 million per year.

London, UK, 8 March 2022 – 42com International LTD (42com), a UK-based global voice wholesale specialist, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a commercial agreement to merge 100% of the voice assets of the Swiss-based Switchover AG (SO) assets. The combined powerhouse achieved consolidated revenues of Euro 180 million and terminated over 2 billion minutes in 2021. SO’s commercial team will be integrated into 42com to assure the continuity of the business and to facilitate the integration process.

This agreement, which will take effect on May 1st 2022, strengthens 42com’s approach to acquire strategic assets that provide a material upside under current market conditions. This acquisition will enhance 42Com’s global reach and network in Europe and the CIS, which will complement its recent expansion in the Americas.

‘The partnership with Switchover is the result of many weeks of discussions and careful negotiations, with the objective of bringing together two complimentary, quality focused carriers. This new acquisition will further strengthen our position as one of the fastest growing carrier in the industry’ says 42com’s CEO, Alberto Grunstein.

‘Switchover is excited at the prospect of having 42com as its new voice partner, as we are confident that the combined companies will bring great benefits to our existing customers such as enhanced global reach, quality as well as competitive prices. I could not be happier’ says Stefano Iannucci, Chairman and CEO of Switchover.

42com is a German land line telecom operator, focused on carrier-to-carrier business, with strong relations with European, African and Middle/Far Eastern carriers. It is driven to provide fraud free and high-quality voice termination, supporting mainly Tier-1 telecom operators in achieving full network accessibility with top notch reactive and flexible technical and managed solutions.

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Switchover AG is a Swiss Company that operates in the wholesale telecommunication market. Our story starts in 2003 in London, when Switchward Ltd was established. In 2004 we became a Swiss telephone operator. In 2012, Moldtelecom – the national telecommunication company of Moldova, selected us as the exclusive gateway for the incoming and outgoing international voice traffic until 2021. Our dedicated teams, located in Chisinau and Switzerland, are continuously building fruitful and reliable relationships with our partners and clients.